IT Infrastructure Assessment and Audit

Quadro conducts comprehensive assessments to analyse the current situation in the IT infrastructure of an organization to plan further changes. Such an assessment is a source of up-to-date information and an independent research of the state of IT. An assessment can be carried out for the company as a whole or for specific critical areas, business processes, or information systems. Personnel, processes, technologies - all factors will be taken into account.

Assessment results:

Identification of "weak points" in IT;
Recommendations for IT costs optimization;
Increased transparency in IT investments;
Identification of compliance of IT systems with organization's objectives, maintenance of the required level of information security and business continuity.

The assessment is carried out by experts with qualification confirmed by international certificatesm, experienced in conducting audits in various industries.

Solution Architecture and Design

Experts of Quadro carry out predesign studying, research and analysis of an object. On the basis of the obtained data they make specification according to which the architecture of the IT solution and the project is developed. Our designers take into account the possibility of further scaling and select products that meet every customer 's requirement.

Quadro has a great experience in the design, installation and certification of IT systems. Our portfolio contains a range of successful projects of various complexity.

IT Infrastructure creation

Quadro designs and implements IT solutions that reduce business growth costs, simplify workflows, and improve system versatility.

Our solutions meet all the requirements for IT systems of today:
fault tolerance;
high performance;
optimal cost of ownership.


Quadro provides maintenance and technical support to the customer 's multivendor IT infrastructure with the guaranteed level of response set out in the service level agreement.

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