Get ready: HPE BladeSystem c-Class is out of supply already in 2020!
It's time to look for an alternative solution.

HPE Synergy. Composable infrastructure platform. 
Your best choice if it's necessary to:

Create a single platform that gives you the flexibility to innovate 
Cope with increased
workloads and data
Avoid the risk
of over-provisioning
and simplify management
Optimize traditional work environments and accelerate the launch of new services

Systems Comparison
HPE BladeSystem c-Class & HPE Synergy

HPE BladeSystem c-Class

Automated management at the resource pool level.
HPE OneView is to be purchased and deployed separately.
For the current generation of c-Class blade systems, the self-sufficient infrastructure unit is the chassis. 

Blade server density in chassis is higher (16).

Switching is bound to a single chassis.

Operating system image is delivered by third-party means.

Involves connecting external storage systems.

No deliveries at the end of 2020, according to an official
HPE statement.

HPE Synergy

HPE OneView is built into the Synergy Composer and all hardware components are combined to one logic block.
The control system is oriented
to several chassis (up to 21).

Blade server density is less (12), however there is no limitations on utility types.

Switching is performed at the rack level (3-5 chassis), and all chassis in the rack are combined by a pair of network modules
(for fault tolerance).
A total of a pair of Virtual Connect switches serve up to 60 servers.

Image distribution is implemented using the built-in Image Streamer.

Works equally well with both external storage (3PAR disk resource management is built into Synergy) and internal disk resources (up to 200 drives per server).

HPE Synergy is ready for new technologies 12-15 years in advance (400Gb Ethernet, Gen-Z, etc.).
Optical cards and switches are already available.

HPE Synergy integrates three key elements,
defining the composable infrastructure:
fluid resource pools, software-defined intelligence and unified API

Unified API
Software-defined Intelligence

Fluid Resource Pools

Unified computing, storage, and network infrastructure

Any workload: physical, virtualization, and containers

Software-defined Intelligence

Template Based Management

Easy infrastructure maintainance throughout the lifecycle

Unified API 

Single code for abstracting any infrastructure element

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) programming interface
Composable Infrastructure
Fluid resource pools 
Architectural principles of the composable infrastructure:
Traditional IT
of Ideas

HPE Synergy Advantages

for any workload

Accurate allocation of compute and storage and network resources to applications, seamless scaling, and resources return to the shared pool.

Necessary logical infrastructures quick building
through a single software

Fast delivery
of applications and services

Simple management
of infrastructure

Operational costs reduce
with template-based software management.

Data center performance and manageability improvement by automating infrastructure operations with an assisted API.

Disclosure of opportunities

HPE Synergy Product Portfolio

HPE Synergy

A single intelligent physical infrastructure that combines compute, storage, and fabric so all resources are instantly available to run any application.

HPE Synergy

Native infrastructure management
for assembling and re-assembling
compute, storage, and fabric resources
to meet any workload.

HPE InfoSight

Optimize productivity and prevent problems with AI-based operations
combining cloud-based
machine learning solutions
and productivity monitoring.

HPE Synergy

Compute modules that can be ready to boot in fewer than 30 seconds and be provisioned with pooled storage, network connectivity, and image.

HPE Synergy

High-density, integrated storage for a new level of simplicity, density and flexibility (SDS, DAS, and SAN options supporting file, block, and object storage).

Fabric Networking
HPE Synergy

Rack-scale, multi-fabric connectivity
that eliminated standalone
top-of-rack (TOR)

 HPE Synergy Total Cost of Ownership Assessment 

Calculate TCO and ROI throughout the Life Cycle of the Solution
to assess the benefits of the composable infrastructure for your company.

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